BEFORE: November 2013 (left)      AFTER: November 2015 (right)

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Mirror Mirror…

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?!?!?
Are you happy with what you see in the mirror?
Sheila Harrison wasn’t before she started using Rodan+Fields but NOW she IS!!
Here’s what the stunningly BEAUTIFUL Sheila had to say about her IN-CREDIBLE #RESULTS:

“Many Rodan+Fields Consultants have reposted my before/after photo to show how well our products work and questions have been asked about surgery of the eye lids (none) and how much makeup I am wearing (very little). Looking back through my photos, I saw where I have a few taken on the same day as the original post BEFORE any eye makeup etc…

Simple beautiful skin! Never in a million years did I think I would EVER have the confidence I have today in my bare SKIN! If you told me I would post my before pic for the world to see (or even my after pic with NO makeup at all) I would have said you had lost your mind. This is a girl that did NOT leave the house without foundation! I will turn 59 this month and I AM thrilled to be aging BACKWARDS! I am just as excited for my customers as I am for myself! When they commit to a consistent routine recommended by the Dr.’s they are experiencing great results too! I use the Redefine Power Pack and Eye Cream as well as the Lip Serum and I am happy with my return on my investment in my SKIN! I am worth it and YOU are too!”

There’s no magical time machine to jump in and take us back in time but there is the REDEFINE Power Pack and Triple Threat Eye Cream, in my opinion it’s the NEXT BEST THING!!!

Imagine what YOU could look like one year from today? Why Wait?

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