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Firmness & Wrinkles Are On Sale!


Roll away my wrinkles and regain firmness?  Ya right!

Are you noticing wrinkles and loss of firmness in your beautiful skin?  I  don’t know about you but as I got older I had developed a nice  expression line between my eyes and  of course those lovely lines on my fourhead that we’re driving me crazy!    And it’s not even talk about the size of my pores and the texture of my skin.  I never thought it would be as easy as rolling my wrinkles away then I’ll tell you what not only on my wrinkles gone but my skin looks bomb!

Did I mention this is also amazing for acne scars and any other scarring you may have?

Roll your skin at night and then place this amazing silk Retinal on top of prepared skin….Talk about OPTIMAL results!! The AMP MD ROLLER firms, tones, moisturixes and builds collagen.

What is RetinAl:

Best little Secret.

This is that liquid gold that makes your skin feel like silk! We are in the April edition of the Oprah magazine !

Check out April Issue

Experience the visible skin firming, smoothing and revitalizing benefits of powerful Vitamin A without a visit to the dermatologist’s office. REDEFINE™ Intensive Renewing Serum is the closest you can get to prescription-strength Vitamin A without a prescription. With Retinal-MD™ Technology, 20 times the strength of Retinol, Intensive Renewing Serum harnesses the skin’s own renewing powers to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. This formula is not only stronger than Retinol, it’s smarter too. Specifically designed to be tough on the signs of aging — not on your skin — it’s gentle enough for everyday use on nearly all skin types. (60 Capsules)

What is the Amp Md 2.0?

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✨ At the age of 25, collagen (which is like the glue that holds us together) production begins to decrease, which creates wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dark circles, and turkey neck. Awesome, right?

Here’s what the AMP MD Roller System does to help:

✨Conditions the skin’s surface using micro-exfoliating tips.

✨Increases appearance of firmness and elasticity and 💡Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

✨ Improves skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores with a proprietary blend of retinol and peptides.

✨Adding AMP MD System to your Regimen can boost your anti-aging results up to 50 percent

💯% of participants in a clinical study saw an improvement in the appearance of wrinkle height and wrinkle shadow

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It gets even better!  Bundle with a regimen and save even more!   

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I truly love helping people get the best skin of their lives and also love sharing how to create an additional income source around any busy schedule!

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Rodan + Fields~ Want the best in Skin Care

Rodan & Fields

Rodan + Fields is number one skincare company in the USA.

04.04.17 | 8:00 AM

Rodan + Fields quietly became the top-selling skincare brand in America.

In 2002, Rodan + Fields the doctors who invented the best-selling acne brand Proactiv, launched a women & men’s skincare brand Last year, the brand sold $1.15 billion worth of product and today, Euromonitor announced it is the top-selling skincare brand in the U.S.
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Want Smooth Lines, Less Wrinkles and Longer Looking Lashes?


Rodan + Fields – From smoothing the look of fine lines to boosting Longer looking lashes, fashion and beauty blogger Victoria Van Ness reveals why her daily devotion to Rodan + Fields is “the real deal”.

i’ll admit it, i buy into any and every beauty fad there is. top of the Sephora best sellers list? i’ll get it. Lauren Conrad swears by it? i’m snagging it up. your roommate’s best friend’s mom’s sister likes a face cream? sounds good enough to me, i’ll take two. it’s kind of a problem. i’ve always been a sucker when it comes to a good beauty product. Rodan + Fields has recently busted their way through the skincare scene and taken over. i was originally introduced to R+F by mom a few years ago and i never went back, neither has she! she was recommended R+F by her dermatologist when she couldn’t find anything to help with her skin issues. now, R+F is the only thing she puts on her face. thanks, derm’!
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