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Face Washing – What is important ?

Face Talk: Did you know that if you don’t wash your face at night you are leaving all the oils, make up and dirt you’ve accumulated throughout the day to settle into your pores?  It will  stretch your pores out Read more…

Firmness & Wrinkles Are On Sale!

ROLL WRINKLES AWAY AND REGAIN FIRMNESS IN 1 MINUTE A DAY! Roll away my wrinkles and regain firmness?  Ya right! Are you noticing wrinkles and loss of firmness in your beautiful skin?  I  don’t know about you but as I Read more…

Rodan + Fields~ Want the best in Skin Care

Rodan + Fields is number one skincare company in the USA. 04.04.17 | 8:00 AM Rodan + Fields quietly became the top-selling skincare brand in America. In 2002, Rodan + Fields the doctors who invented the best-selling acne brand Proactiv, Read more…

Want Smooth Lines, Less Wrinkles and Longer Looking Lashes?

Rodan + Fields – From smoothing the look of fine lines to boosting Longer looking lashes, fashion and beauty blogger Victoria Van Ness reveals why her daily devotion to Rodan + Fields is “the real deal”. i’ll admit it, i Read more…


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