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Rodan + Fields Partnership with TPG

Dream Team Partnership!  Rodan + Fields and TPG

Fastest growing skincare company in North America

Rodan + Fields has new partnership with the leading intellectual technological private firm TPG as we enter the global arena  What does this mean for me and our new partners?   It means I now have the backing of the most influential privately owned company that will help us take our message of providing great skin care and an amazing business opportunity for those looking all across the globe!

Join my global team.

It’s not about the ones who started first, it’s about the ones who say yes, who have grit, who keep going and never ever quit….and believe in what this business can do for people who choose to partner with this brand today. Today is the day friends. Just. Say. YES!! Please don’t look back and wish you had!!


‚ÄĚLeading Skincare Brand, Rodan + Fields Partners with TPG

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rodan + Fields, LLC, the #1 skincare brand in the US, announced today that TPG Capital, the global private equity platform of alternative asset firm TPG, has made a strategic minority investment in the Company. TPG will take a minority stake and help Rodan + Fields continue to accelerate its next phase of growth as it transforms the skincare industry with its dermatology-inspired skincare products, disruptive consumer connected commerce model, and powerful consultant community. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

‚ÄúAs a firm with a history of investing in businesses that are fundamentally changing their industries, we see Rodan + Fields as being at the intersection of emerging consumer trends and technology disruptions,‚ÄĚ said Jim Coulter, co-CEO and co-founder of TPG. ‚ÄúThis is exactly the kind of partnership we look for‚ÄĒan outstanding brand with proven success, an experienced and talented management team, and significant runway for growth.”

Across its funds, TPG has invested in a wide-variety of companies‚ÄĒfrom Airbnb to Spotify to Life Time Fitness‚ÄĒthat have disrupted their sectors. As a founder-led firm, TPG has also partnered with leading entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses.”

See the full article here:   Rodan-Fields-Partners-TPG  https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180503006472/en/Leading-Skincare-Brand-

Check out CNBC’s article from today here…are you ready now? $45, $395, $695, or $995…you pick. Unlimited earning potential, no inventory, no deliveries, no taking payments…the company does all that. #NOBRAINER

If TPG (and a lot of other huge companies that didn’t make the cut) want in because they see how BIG this is gonna get, why don’t you?? Let’s CHAT. ¬†Who is TPG?¬†https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/TPG_Capital


I am looking to add people to my fast growing team who would like to create their own legacy company and enjoy what I have enjoyed for the last four years:  Time freedom, financial freedom, flexibility and a passion driven by success, friendships and opportunity.

FOR MORE INFO:  http://Www.ginapearson.biz  

Message  me directly:  707-484-1506 -Gina@ginapearson.com

If you know someone looking  join me and be a disruptor in the skincare industry please share.

Beauty and A Few of My Favorite Things

Beauty and the busy women.  What are your favorite things to help you look and feel beautiful with minimal effort?

I never thought taking about beauty and how to achieve your best self would be on my radar, but I am here to share my secrets.  As a busy mom and professional it is important to me to feel beautiful without having to put much effort into my day.  I have found that a  great skin care routine  keeps my skin looking healthy so my skin shows Рnot my makeup.  I have  a routine that works and I want to share with you my favorite things:

Morning Routine:¬† REVERSE IT BABY!!!¬† Dark Spots, Sun Spots and Age Spots Gone- Brighter Healthy Skin – Check‚úĒ¬† Reverse regiment followed by Mineral Peptides, Mascara and Eyeliiner – and¬† am out the door!!


Who thought baby oil was the go to when growing up for tanning?  I am so guilty!!  Little did I know that I was causing damage to the layers of my skin underneath its surface that would not appear until I began to age and get in the sun without sunscreen.  Well, fear not!!  I am now happy to say I have a glow and it my skin is even Рthanks to the Reverse line I use.  4 steps including sunscreen and I am out the door.

SHOP REVERSE: https://pearson.myrandf.com/Shop/REVERSE-BRIGHTENING   

Night Routine:  WRINKLES BE GONE РNow that my skin is even I am continuously fighting the aging monster that wants to show its presence on my face, neck chest and hands I turn to the #1 Anti-aging line in the USA!  Talk about a spa in my bathroom.  I need not look any further for the perfect balance of anti-aging and hydration products. This is all I  need to have my skin looking its best!!   SHOP REDEFINE https://pearson.myrandf.com/Shop/Product/AAPRS01


Do you just love the days where you can say bye bye mascara if you do not feel like or even have the time to put it on?  Well, I have you covered.  If you have not tried Lash Boost- now is the time.  Longer, Fuller Darker looking lashes and brows with one swipe of a wand.  I love having lashes again, seems with age mine went away.  Now when I wear mascara or even without mascara my eyes once again are my focal point.  As you know, your eyes are the window to your soul- treat them well.

Shop Lashboost https://pearson.myrandf.com/Shop/Enhancements

Check out my results:

I love helping others to achieve there best self, whether it is through custom beauty regimens or sharing my side hustle with them.  It just makes me happy!

Not sure which product is right for you‚Ěď Take my FREE Skin Assessment Test¬†https://pearson.myrandf.com/Pages/OurProducts/GetAdvice/SolutionsTool

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Have  A Beautiful Day


The Truth About Sunscreen

Sunscreen Truth:  Is It All Created Equal??

Sunscreen is good, right?  How many of you used to think baby oil was the go to for being out in the sun?  I am so guilty of this.  I grew up on the river and never appreciated what a good sunscreen could do to protect my skin.  If I only new then what I know now.

I am an avid soccer player and am outdoors with my camera the rest of the time.  I am careful to reapply sunscreen every 2-5 hours or when I can.  It truly has helped me maintain my skin that I have worked so hard to repair from my teenage/young adult years gone by.  My favorite is the Reverse #4 (yellow).  Not only does it give me the best protection ever, but it has a mositurizer in it and makes my skin feel amazing.  All of these are mineral based without it feeling heavy on your skin.  Love, Love, Love:

More  Info: http://ginasjourney1.com/sunscreen/

When choosing a sunscreen there are things you should know:

We have a sunscreen for all skin types.

Shop Sunscreen:  http://www.ginapearson.com

OXYBENZONE is in 80% of all sunscreens. OXYBENZONE stimulates estrogen production. It is in debate as an endocrine disruptor. Not good for sensitive skin , and especially not good for people fighting breast cancer. Pull out those sunscreens in your household and check the ingredients! Now google it….

NONE of Rodan+Fields sunscreen products contain OXYBENZONE! It feels good knowing you can SLATHER on your R+F Sunscreen and protect your skin…safely!

All Rodan + Fields sunscreens have been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. This designation is only granted to sun protection products that meet stringent criteria, and provide scientific data to demonstrate that the product sufficiently, and safely, aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.

Take care of the skin you are in.

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